Monday, June 25, 2012

Wild and crazy fur babies!!!!

We have fur babies!!!!  Momo, the little brown tabby is a boy, and completely insane, and Appa the white one with a grey mark on the top of her head is a girl, and completely insane.  Sense a trend?

There were about 20 kittens to choose from, total kitten overload.  After an hour and a half, we finally decided on the two that were healthy, happy, not too crazy, and crawled on us and purred.  There were others that were absolutely wild, not taking those.  We thought we were so smart.

Well, they sure fooled us, cause these two are nuts!!!!  Climbing, wrestling, chewing, scampering, scratching, fur covered balls of crazy!!!

Susan is not happy with them.  Hisses every time she walks past their door.  She has been our almost silent cat.   Yeah, not now.  She is constantly telling us what idiots we were to bring those two home.

But they are so sweet, when they are asleep, and so much fun, the drapes look better with those little pulls anyway, right?

We will never sleep again.

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