Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A lil' something for K's Birthday.

My first attempt at metal stamping.

Music equals life necklace

I used the Vintaj Natural brass altered blanks, my ball pein hammer and my table vise for a hammering surface.  These blanks are very thin and I found less is more when it comes to the hammer.  These need very little hammer action.  Though I kinda liked how the blank buckled.  I just kinda mashed it with my rubber hammer till it was pleasingly flatish afterwards.

K was pleased, even wore it to school that day.  Though she had to take it off to play her bass at school.  The chain is long and kept clanging against the side of the bass.  The chain and jump ring are from the Tim Holt Collection.  The brass matched very nicely.

I gave the extra blanks and punches to K for her birthday.  She's all excited.

"Make a teenager an necklace and she can wear it till she looses it.  Make her the necklace, AND, give her the tools to make the necklace, and she can loose the necklace, make another, loose that one, make a third, make a couple for friends, loose hers again, make a fourth, and so on, and so on,... forever."



Pren Posada said...

oohhh wow. thats nifty!

pj said...

Thanks! I made her a round one a few days later, which she likes much better. Sharp points are not her thing.