Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Actually, it's a pencil.

OK, am I the last person on the planet to find out there is a RIPTIDE PENCIL!!!!!

Seriously, it has RIPTDE printed right on it!!!  Right on the side!!!

And why do you ask, am I so very excited about a cheap mechanical pencil?

Because you can make Handmade Percy Jackson Valentines with them!!!!

(Do I care that it isn't a pen?  Heck no!  Perfection, pffff!  Get over it!)

Remember these?

K and her friends loved these during their Percy Jackson craze, goodness that must have been,... 4 years ago.  She heard from one of her friends just last fall that he still had the cheap white pen with the faded sticker on the side.  Handmade creativity for the win!

Well, now all you have to do to make Percy Jackson Valentines for all your friends next year, (and you know you will want to) is:

Aquire this stuff:

Card stock
Riptide pens
clear tape

1. Print out the template on card stock.

2. Cut out the cards.

3. Write your name by FROM:

4.  Tape on a RIPTIDE pencil!

5.  Repeat to make a bunch and give them to all your friends!

I am so ridiculously happy!!!!

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