Wednesday, April 3, 2013


This years eggs.  We dyed a few.


And I made a musical egg, cause its a musical year at our house.  Bob LOVED it!



And we've started beading eggs.  We know Michael Chemsak, he made the 2006 White House Egg representing Alabama.  He got K interested and we've been working on these for a while.  K made the red one and is working on the one with the black.  I made the green one.  You glue one seed bead on at a time.  Yes, we've gone bodmin.

Beaded Eggs

And then we had a bit of fun.  The Doctor and River look a bit concerned.

The Doctor and River are a bit concerned

And just because I love this egg : Long ago, I was very bored, and this happened.  Memories.

Potter Puppet Pal Pysanky


Anonymous said...

Great looking eggs :D I haven't decorated eggs since I was a kid, but it kind of makes me want to do it again, seeing all these. (And so much variety! An embroidery blog I follow has been embroidering eggs this year and it's... wow, I so could never have that kind of patience, but they look amazing too.)

pj said...

Thank you!

Embroidering eggs!!!! Oh my giddy aunt!!!!! *googling*

That is.... sooooo cooool!!!!!

I have all the bits and pieces, and I love my dremel, and I absolutely love the very idea of it!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Haha... did you find (that's the blog I was talking about)? Here are all her tags posts on the subject.

Definitely post about it if you end up trying it, I'd LOVE to see more of the idea. Before reading her entries on the subject, I'd only seen it done on eggs where the back of the egg is cut out, which is fine as far as it goes, too, but I really love seeing these ones that you could hang and have look perfect from any angle.

pj said...

I did indeed! Beautiful! And I thought glueing a million seed beads into place was crazy.

I would love to give it a try, but seriously, one more craft and I'll need a 12 step program.

Though I do have all the bits and bobs... hum...

Hi, my name is pj and I am a craftaholic.

Pren Posada said...

very cool! the beaded aggs are crazy awesome!

pj said...

Thanks! Crazy, definitely!