Monday, August 25, 2008

Adipose anyone?

Pren asked for a stencil for K's Adipose T-shirt (oh, about two months ago,... so sorry.) You can download it here. K thought salmon was the perfect color for adipose babies.

If you used K's pattern, please let me know, she would be so thrilled.


Pren said...

love LOOOOOVE. thanks guys im gonna make it today!

pj said...


Can't wait to see it.

Anonymous said...

Hey you! I'm proud to present you & K with the sewhooked Sew Awesome Craft award for both K's Adipose stencil and your TARIS stencil.

You can find the post here. Feel free to nab the award graphic for your own use. And THANK YOU for sharing your awesome stencils!


pj said...

Thank you!

This made our day! We squeeed so loud Miss. Kitty ran for her life.

It was so nice of you to feature our shirts. We loved making them and have really enjoyed sharing them. Especially the Adipose. :D

Thanks again!