Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Harry Potter Camp

K attended a week of Harry Potter Camp this summer at Sci Quest and she had a blast. This was her second year attending Pottering Around and it was new, different, and even more fun than the previous year. I've scanned the Camp itinerary if you would like to read it. ( Page 1, Page 2 and Page 3). It was jam packed with fun.

K, who feels she is a Ravenclaw, was sorted the first year she attended into Gryffindor and this year into Hufflepuff. Her house won the House Cup last year and came in a close second this year. K's detailed knowledge of all things Harry may have had something to do with that. (Although she did totally miss who the Half Blood Prince was on her first reading. Funny! She was not even 9 at the time and crying her eyes out over Dumbledor, but really.)

Along with dissecting owl pellets and applying scientific principals to the identification of Jelly Belly jelly beans (you can find the wonderful handout they used here), they made a couple of crafts that were just too cool. I was so surprised when she came home with a Dadcando wand.

She loved making it and it turned out so well, she made one for her HPC swap partner.

They also made a cauldron, which at first she thought was frightfully lame, but turned out really rather nice.

That's a raccoon finger puppet if your wondering. Kitty, as usual, has to check out everything I try to photograph.

My favorite craft was the Miniature Whomping Willow

Yup, it's a lunch sized paper bag, cut the top into strips, twist into shape and glue on some leaves. Isn't that great! Think of the goody bag possibilities!
Kitty liked it too.

It's hers.

K wants to go back to Pottering Around again next year. And volunteer at SciQuest when she's in High School and work there when she's in college. Not a bad plan.


Pren said...

omg that is so cool. what a great camp. maaaaan camp was lame when i was little. hahaha

pj said...

I have fond memories of camp, but it was nothing like this. Last year, in Defense Against the Dark Arts, they "scientifically" taste tested chocolate with increasing cocoa content!

We are talkin' dark chocolate here! And middle schoolers!

Chocolate is wasted on the young.

I'm going off to pout now.