Friday, August 8, 2008

Swap Happy!


We participated in the Harry Potter Crafts Yahoo Group Swap with your Kids. Our partners recieved their goodies, so here's what we sent: We wrapped everything in brown paper and strings and K made a label for each package.

First K made them a tiny potions kit. We put one of Tiffany's Potions labels (thanks Tiffany!) on the brown paper wrapper.

(Check out the leeches,... totaly disgusting... they cling to the jar!!!! K is so proud of them. They give me the whillies.)

I folded a little origami book out of parchment paper and K illustrated a Most Potent Potions Book.

K would like everyone to have their own! You can fold your own by printing out this picture, cutting it to size and following the basic directions for our Tiny Tales of the Beedle Bard.

The trunk we found here. Look under furniture for the mini sea chest. It's an easy to fold paper model that turned our quite nice and was just the right size.

Next K made them a Dadcando wand and a spell book. The wand had an Oivanders label and the the book was labeled from Florish and Blotts.

K also made them some Pigmy puffs, one of K's all time HP favorite crafts. (Thanks Jennifer!) They were labeled from Weesley Widard Wheezes, of course.

I made them a Wish necklace,

And a hobo type bag with one of Jennifer's wonderful paper pieced quilt squares. (Thanks again Jenn!)

Both from Madam Malkins. This was my first attempt at quiting anything. And yes, the scar is reversed. Rookie mistake. The fabric is Stars and Swirls (I found at Hancocks). Love it!

Last but not least, K folded them a Golden Snitch from Quality Quiditch Supplies,

And I folded them a Chinese Fireball, Dragon that was labeled "This parcel has been approved by the International Breeding Cooperation"

We had a lot of fun crafting for our partners! Can't wait till next summer.


oneordinaryday said...

What a fun collection of HP crafts!

pj said...

Thank you! We had a wonderful time making all the little bits and bobs.