Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Just a few treats for the day.

I found these wonderful ping pong eyeballs at the grocery store and I just couldn't help myself. Modeled by my lovely assistant Igor...

A crochet Mad-Eye Moody Eye!

And, K's favorite hat...

It was K's idea to add the braids, so it would be like Ron's hat in POA. I've made three candy corn hats so far, and they are a big hit. We gave one to a friend of K's and she's worn it to school ever since. And for Halloween this friend is going as a "Spider nailed, goth angel, candy cornian!" Very cute!
Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!


Pren said...

hahaha. that eye is hilarious! oh and i got the best bestest greatest package in the world yesterday! thank you! thank you k!dra i love everything. i will be blogging all about it on sunday. squeeeeeee!

pj said...

Thanks :)

Yeah!!! You got it! K is jumping, and squeeing!

Can't wait to see you in your new "hair." :)