Friday, October 31, 2008

Lady Amber of Rewall

K designed her own costume this year...

Lady Amber of Redwall: warrior squirrel, archer, only one ear, lost the other in battle.

Once again, very few people know who she is is, but she's happy. The tail was pure luck and a complete and total success, it even sways when she walks. Or does the E-slide. The bow and arrows turned out to be way too functional. The arrows are now securely hot glued in their quiver.

And just for fun, long, long ago, in our very own kitchen,

I made K's Princess Leia costume 25 years to the day after my mom and I made mine

Happy Halloween!


sewhooked said...

Lady Amber! Such a great costume. My kids have a long habit of being things that no one else gets, but it makes them (and me!) happy to be original!

What cute Leias! So cool to have both photos like that. :)

pj said...

Thanks :) Original she is!

K was by far the cutest Leia. She had so little hair, she wore it in little ponys and it was darling.

She was so cute, still is.

Pren said...

aaaaahahahah! k is so awesome! what a great fantastic and strange costume. i have to say i think its my favorite one ive seen. espicially that she is missing an ear. hahaha. is this a crtoon or something she just made up?

pj said...

K was Lady Amber from the Redwall Series of books by Brian Jacques. Basically the continuing tales of cute, little animals, that fight constantly. There was a cartoon series on PBS a few years ago, but we've never seen it.

K drew what she though Lady Amber should look like and then we went to work.

We found one small drawing here

from which we borrowed her hat design, but the rest was K's idea.

Even though no one knew who she was, it was such a cool costume, everyone liked it. Especially the tail. Loved the tail!