Friday, March 12, 2010

Camp Half-Blood Gear

K and I made some gear for the Percy Jackson and the Olympians premiere.

I love this age because K is old enough to pretty much do whatever she thinks up. So we divided and conquered. I made the t-shirts. I messed up royally on K's but, she loved it, one of the many reasons I love that kid. I used freezer paper and spray t-shirt paint, which is more of a spray dye than a paint, which I didn't know. The watery dye seeped under the freezer paper and spread before I could mop it up and get the paper off. I made the second shirt with t-shirt transfer paper and gave K the choice. She picked the messy one, did I mention I love her.

K made necklaces for herself a couple of friends.

She wasn't exactly sure of the designs. After much deliberation she went with a trident on a black bead for the first year, the bright blue bead has a golden fleece (actually golden sheep, cause fleece was too gross) for the second year, a red bead with a gold maze for the third year, and a sky blue bead with the empire state building in gold for the fourth. She wanted to do Annabeth's necklace, but most of her beads aren't described in the book. So she just added Annabeth's father's class ring, and went with it. Don't tell her it isn't a class ring, she doesn't mind.

She and her friend E wore their gear, complete with silver Riptide's, and baseball caps, to opening night and were the envy of all. Even saw some boys K knew who had brought foil lightening bolts, hidden in their sleeves. They were all so excited.

Of course, K did not love the movie, the little book snob, but a good time was still had.

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