Monday, March 29, 2010

Sweet old movies, knitting, and odd books.

When I'm home working on something, knitting, sewing that kind of thing, I like to listen to movies on Netflix. Mostly I listen to the same movies over and over. Old movies or BBC adaptations, that kind of thing. Last week I decided to branch out and I listened to a sweet old movie called "I know where I'm going." Just a little film, but it was nice, especially the second time around.

It was just the thing for finishing the prize for the February Harry Potter Crafts Challenge. It's a first year Ravenclaw scarf in movie colors. I machine knitted it on my Bond Fashion Knitter and I just need to put on the fringe. I used "I love this Yarn!" from Hobby Lobby in Royal Blue and Light grey. I followed the pattern in Charmed Knits for the longer version and it is really long!!! It feels wonderful. I hope Rachel and her daughter like it.

I'm going to make one for K in Ravenclaw Book colors. She has Gryffindor robes and a Ginny skirt, but hey, she's a kid and she doesn't care, so why not. I've actually been toying with the idea of making her robes with interchangeable linings and patches. With Velcro and Duc tape, we could conquer the world.

And I just finished "The Graveyard book" by Neil Gaiman, he also wrote "Coraline" and the Sandman Series. It was wonderful. His style is intriguing. The book is for young readers, but it's detailed and unpredictable and gentle. A person I used to work with tried to get me to read Sandman years ago, but I never got around to it. Might just have to get around to that now.

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