Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's A Pen Valentine! Seriously, it's a Pen!

K is Percy Jackson CRAZY! She's read all the books again and again, it's all she talked about for weeks. And as a true book lover, she hated the movie to the point of planning to write a "strongly worded letter" to the director and writers.

Her whole class has the fever. Her literature class has been studying Mythology for the last two quarters and they are all so interested, their teacher just keeps finding new stuff for them to do. Way to go Mrs. C!

So, not unexpectedly, K wanted Percy Jackson Valentine's. There were, of course, none to be found. So, she got on our (virus infested) PC and designed her own.

The class LOVED them! She said there were screams of "Riptide!" and they all tore the caps off to see if a sword would pop out. They are still tucked in the back pocket of many of her classmates and Riptide is the most popular pen in the class to this day.

How did she put the name on the pen? Address labels! Yup, she printed them and put them on and they looked great! The original file for the card is lost, eaten by a Trojan, but she may redesign it and if she does, I'll post it.


Scarlett said...

Cool idea, i think i need to read the books.

pj said...

Hey Scarlett!

I think you would really like the series. It seems very inspired by HP. I think of it as Harry Potter and the Olympians. To me is seems that Rick Riordan read the Hp series and then thought, "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if Harry met the greek gods?... Hey, I can do that!" Not in a rip off kinda way, it really is a great series. K is wild about it and I've read the first two books and really liked them.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful Valentine's idea! We made some,my son and I, for his class this year. Along the same basis as yours! Great great idea!
Thanks again!!! You sure are crafty!

pj said...

You are very welcome! K's class loved these valentines and used the pend for ever.

Not sure what we're doing this year, still looking for ideas.

Kaalob123 said...

Hey im very interested in the pen i may buy a couple may i ask if your sellin any if so im very interested Please respond.

pj said...

Hello Kaalob123,

I think we can work something out. I have an etsy shop:

If you send me a message through the contact button on etsy, we can work out a quantity and price.

Take care,