Friday, September 14, 2007

Day off!

K had a day off from school today. It's was a wonderful, cool, rainy day, so we decided to stay home and relax. Thinking ahead, we purchased all the materials to make K a new bag for her recorder last week, perfect timing, so we were all ready to start.

K's favorite color at the moment is green, so we used some light green peach skin we found on the remnants table, some matching green cord, and a green flower applique. K helped figure out where and how to cut, hand stitched on most of the flower, and machine stitched most of the seams. She SQUEEED when she turned it inside out and saw the finished bag.

Sew a recorder bag for a child and she will be the envy of all her friends. Teach her how to sew her own recorder bag, and she will help you use up all that material you've purchased over the years!

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