Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hogwarts Kitties.

Have I mentioned K LOVES Harry Potter? Oh yeah. Her teacher, Ms. N. who was and is fabulous, gave her HP and the Sorcerers Stone on the first day of second grade. She had it read in a month. Chamber of Secrets took about three weeks. Prisoner of Azkaban took less than two. We made her take a break, Goblet of Fire was a bit intense for second grade, but it took her less than a week when she was ready. This past summer she read the last three. And cried like a baby, and giggled maniacally, and wept with joy. So did I.

This past summer, K wanted to make a friend of hers a HP gift. So she combined her love of kitties and her obsession with HP and made Hogwarts Kitties. She started with three little kitty finger puppets we found at Target. We made them all capes out of black and yellow fleece with a bit of red stitching and snaps. Turned out very nicely. Hermione, that's her on the left, has her book bag filled with little books, made from brown felt, green thread and fun foam, very cute. Harry, in the middle, has glasses made of pipe cleaners, a stitched on scar and Hedwig, made from white pompoms and glue. Last, but not least, Ron, on the right, has Pig, hand crocheted by K. That's Pig on Ron's head,... where else. K did most of the stitching and all the designing. Her little friend Squeed with delight.

K is working on another set to sell on Etsy. Did I mention K is an entrepreneur? Oh yeah.

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