Friday, September 28, 2007

Sally and Zero


A few years ago, K was really into Nightmare Before Christmas. So, of course, she wanted to be Sally. This was a really fun costume to make. I made her a long red yarn wig, with a bit pulled back at the ears. so she could see. Her dress was pieced together, roughly following Sally's dress in the movie, but with a bit brighter colors. Her arms and legs were covered with cotton tights, dyed blue and then cut and stitched like she was sewn together. She wore her black Mary Jane's and I made her black and white striped baggy socks.

To top the whole thing off, I made her a fleece Zero to cuddle while she was out trick or treating. Basically Zero was a soft fleece blankee with a stuffed Zero head attached.

Most people just though she was an odd Raggedy Ann with a puppy blanket. Everyone thought she was the cutest lil' thing.

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