Tuesday, March 17, 2009

K's first paper pieced quilt square! Go K!

Two more star blocks ready to mail! The green one is K's very first quilt square! *clapping and cheering*

She made it with just a bit of supervision; she picked the material, sewed all the seams but the first one, trimmed the seams herself, and pulled off the paper (she loved that part!). I helped her learn to cut the pieces to size and pin them in place. Neither one of us are really good at judging the placement of the material before we sew, and I had to rip out three seams for various reasons on mine.

These should go in the mail to hermione_jean today. Can't wait to see the finished Quilt!


Pren said...

*clapping also* yay! great job K! both the squares look awesome guys!

pj said...

Thanks! K did a great job and had fun. She wants to tackle on of Ofenjen's HP patterns. She's eyeing Hedwig. 3 wands... Oh my.

hermione_jean said she would start putting the quilt together as soon as our squares arrive. Can't wait to see it!