Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Paper mache + Plumbing = The Good, The Bad and The Really Cute!

So, K had a school project: Coke bottle biography. She had to read a biography, and then take a 2 liter coke bottle and a Styrofoam ball and create make the person "as realistic as possible." (We live in the south, so coke bottle refers to any 2 liter soda bottle. :) She also had to write a report and present it to the class. She loves jazz, so she picked Louis Armstrong.

So K, being K, and me, being me, we were excited!

Now, when it comes to school projects, and actually a lot of things, I help, but I do not do. Just ask K. Her science teacher took her aside on the first day of class and told her she was not allowed to ask her Dad or Mom for help, we being science types. Her reply "Oh don't worry. My Mom never helps me with school stuff. It is so annoying." That is not completely true. I help, I just don't give answers or do work for her. And more than once, a teacher has told me K earned a better grade on a project because it was obvious she did the work and not her parents.

So without further ado, The King of Jazz, Sachmo himself,... Mister Louis Armstrong!

Cute as a coke bottle can be!

Just a note, never, never, never, never EVER, dispose of paper mache paste by pouring it down the sink. Never. Really. Trust me.

And the plumbing is fixed, thank you for asking. Well of course I own my own pipe snake. Doesn't everyone?

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