Monday, April 26, 2010

Tornados, math tournaments, sleep overs and arts festivals! What a weekend!

I need a nap! This weekend never slowed up. More tornados, though not actually in our town this time. Mississippi really got it and a bit south of here too. We just kinda went about out lives, keeping an eye on the windows. K had a math tournament Saturday Morning that went on as scheduled in the AM, but cancelled the afternoon awards ceremony. Good call. So we took K and her buddy E home to play and watch Doctor Who. They built a laser beam maze in the living room.

Yup, it's still there, not sure if/when it's comin' down. I like it. Miss. Kitty thinks, well, actually I'm not sure what Miss. Kitty thinks about it. She certainly can get through it quick though.

Mr. Man and I spent Saturday evening listening to the weather radio wail. We never did have to cower in the basement, it only really got bad here for a few minutes, but that's all it takes. And it was all over by 9ish so we got to sleep through the night. Yeah!

Sunday we went to the big arts festival in town and the weather was windy, but beautiful, we all got burnt and blown away, but it was fun and got to see a drawing by K on display! Each year each school can send two pieces of art from each grade and this year her teacher picked one of K's pieces!

We were a bit worried that it had been blown away in the storm, but it was just fine.

There were tons of children's activities at the festival, and K expressed her Fan Girl pride.

The other side has Team Jacob, a Tardis and an Adipose. She so funny!

At the end of the day we heard the best Jazz quartet we have ever heard in this area. Mr. Man comes from a family of jazz musicians, semi professionals, they've sat in and played with some really amazing people, all while holding day jobs. His mom sings and still does jobs with her brother and some friends. I really know nothing about music, but even I could tell these guys were good. Mr. Man already checked out where they play and is making plans. Cool!

What a great weekend. I think I'm going to collapse.


Pren said...

ha! lazer beam maze is awesome!

pj said...

Isn't it! We finally had to take it down. It took us over an hour to unwind it. Scissors would have been easier, but that would have wasted the yarn, and we couldn't do that. It was fun, and rather aerobic. Kinda like twister with the added danger of tripping and breaking every bone in your body.