Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter! Buns, Bunnys and Bananas!

K isn't fond of chocolate, but she does like chocolate bunnies. Not to eat, just to save and look at, till they become disgusting and have to be thrown away under duress. This year, I thought I'd avoid the whole problem and make her a Chocolate Bunny she could keep without fear of loss or infestation.

I've no idea how I made Mr. Bun, just kinda reduced and increased as needed. I used "I love this yarn" and it is nice and soft. The pink ribbon is one K used to play with all the time when she was small. She smiled and said "Don't cry Mom," when she saw I'd kept it and reused it. I think I'll make one for my Mother in Law too.

K and I made the rolls and she decorated them. I love that we have gone from me making the rolls and her loving them, to a wonderful tradition we do together. All I did this year was throw the ingredients in the bread maker and cut the dough into bits, she did the shaping and decorating. One day, (God willin' and the creek don' rise,) she'll make them with her little ones. Love that.

Happy Easter!

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