Friday, April 30, 2010

I LOVE this hat!

The pattern is free at Kristy and Tom and I could actually follow it! I used "I love This Yarn" from Hobby Lobby and the hat is thick and soft and kinda springy, it feels wonderful. K loves this it, wore it all winter. I made her matching fingerless mittens, kinda like Rose's from Parting of the Ways, but much simpler. She was all decked out for the really cold winter we just went through.

In other hat news, I just finished my second Bella hat. K's friend E is a huge Bella fan, so I made her a grey La Push hat. When I showed her mom and she went "Mine!" and put it on. So, I'm making E another one, in Purple, to match the second one I made in tardis blue for K.

The pattern is by April Draven and it was also very easy to follow.

My first Twilight Craft, I'm so proud.


Pren said...

oh i love that top hat! ill have to try one of those some day. im totally over crocheting for a bit though. and my bella hats came out TERRIBLE! i hated every pattern i tried. i made 6 and donated them all to charity becuae they were too pointy, or too small, to too big. i just couldnt find a pattern i liked and i never made my own. some day though. although im more interested in knitting some bella mits first :0)

pj said...

Thanks! I love the top hat too. Great pattern.

I agree, the Bella hat is too pointy, but for non perfection seeking humans, it's close enough. E's Mom loves it, and E keeps trying to get it from her. I need to finish her purple one fast.

I think the Bella needs to be flatter and wider at the top and then straighter on the sides. More tube like. This pattern started with 12 dc in the magic loop. But adding 6 more seems too much.... I'm still workin' on it.