Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The luck has returned!

The four leaf clovers are here! Late this year, like everything else, but better late than never.

Four leaf clovers are kinda my thing. I've found them since I was a wee girly. It must be a symmetry thing. My brain REALLY likes symmetry, looks for it all the time, and in a sea of three leaves, four just pop out. K's the same. She found her first when she was maybe three. Some friends were visiting and I picked them a clover for luck on their drive home. K looked at it, toddled away and came back with a fist full. They took home a bouquet of luck.

And that's the secret to clover luck: you have to give them away. You can keep a few, I have loads of them, but you have to give them to others to have any luck for yourself. And never sell them. Tried that in high school, quite lucrative, but disastrous luck wise.

There's one in every patch, maybe a dozen. Pass that luck along!

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