Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And I think I'm getting a season 18 for Valentines! *SQUEEEEE*

K made Mr. Man an Everyday Tom Baker scarf for Christmas.


She made it on our Bond Fashion Knitter, a smaller version of the Ultimate Sweater Machine. She used all Red Heart Super Saver and a bit of "I Love This Yarn." It took her about 3 days, working a few hours a day. She did all the knitting, I was not allowed to help, and put on the fringe by herself. All I did was seam the long edges together.


Mr. Man has wanted a Doctor Who scarf that he could wear everyday for years. Something only true fans would recognize, and the muggles would think was just bit of nice knit wear. This scarf is just what he wanted. It's 1/4 size, about 4.5 feet long and the perfect size to wear everyday, and Mr. Man has done just that. And his office manager thought it was just beautiful. Perfect.

P1060411 copy


It made a high schooler we know drool and beg. He was on the edge of breaking his cool a few weeks ago when K showed him her sonic screwdriver. Needless to say he has abandoned he calm exterior and resorted to all out whining. Funny.

I understand I might be getting something similar, in shades of burgundy and purple, for Valentines. Yes!


Anonymous said...

this is wonderful!! I may need to make this now!

pj said...

K did a wonderful job! It really is the perfect size to wear around and show your DW love. We just went to Hobby Lobby and bought the yarn for the purple/orange /burgundy one. Can't wait!