Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Great Snow: Day 5. The Daleks attack!

We are besieged!



There are hundreds of them!


OK, well, a dozen. But they're evil! Pure evil! And they're huge!


Well, maybe not huge, but evil! Amelia has a plan.


Want to make an army of your own? Course you do. Here's what you need:


Packing snow, one Solo cup, twelve sweet gum twigs, twelve long needle pine bunches, one measuring cup, 1/3 cup worked perfectly, measuring spoon, 1/2 teaspoon, pair of scissors and a cat. Actually, the cat isn't really necessary, but we can't take a picture around here without one showing up.

Make your body and head, then add the bumps using the 1/2 teaspoon. Cut the sweet gum twigs in half and use the wide end for the eyestalk and the thin end for the plunger. Cut the pin needles bunches in half and add for the gun thingy. Use the teaspoon to add the blooby end to the plunger. And there you have it, you're own cute little destroyer of worlds.


Yep, we're stir crazy. :D


S said...

Those Daleks are one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

pj said...

Thank you!

We were obviously suffering from acute cabin fever. This was the fifth day school was closed due to the lack of snow plows. Southerners are not skilled at snow removal.

S said...

You inspired us. We only made one, but he is six feet tall.

pj said...

6 feet!!!! Cooool! We would love to see pictures!!