Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Great Snow: 9 inches of Snow, MST3K and Sticks and String.


A few weeks ago Lisa, the Swap Elf on Harry Potter Crafts, you know the one on Yahoo Groups, of course you do. Well, Lisa asked for swap angels because Ann had made and sent something wonderful, really amazing, and received bupkis in return. Don't you hate that? So K and I, and a couple other people, volunteered to be angels. We were told Ann is a Gryffindor and likes Ron. She also likes Dobby, and I thought of making her a tiny tea cozy to hang on her Christmas Tree, wouldn't that be funny, maybe next year.

Anywho, We spent the first two days of the Great Snow building Snoleks, pelting each other with snowballs and tubing down our front yawn into the street. And drinking gallons of hot chocolate. Yum. On Day three the lovely fluffy snow turned to ice and we decided to stay inside for the duration. So...

The Great Snow: Day 3: MST3K and Sticks and String!

First, K decided Ann needed a hat. I had made K a red and white hat with wider stripes a few years ago and she has loved it. She wanted thinner stripes, just because it would be cool, so she set up the Bond Fashion Knitter, started Swamp Diamonds on Netflix. (Did I mention Mr. Man and I met Beverley Garland at the first MST3K convention. Lovely lady, she actually showed up! Unlike Kim Cattrall. I have a picture of us with her somewhere, and one with Nummy muffin Coocle Butter, have to find those.)

The hat turn out gre
at! Love the big tassels. Then, of course, we decided she needed a matching scarf. So we started Special Agent Super Dragon. Finished putting on the last tassels during Future War.


School was canceled again the next day, so...

The Great Snow: Day 4: Mountain Climbing!!!!!!!

We decided Ann needed a tiny Weasley sweater with her initial. And a tiny hanger! And a tiny tunisian crochet scarf! We started The Beast of Yucca Flats, worked through the Crawling Eye, and finished during The Lost Continent. Mountain Climbing!!!!!. No More Mountain CLimbing!!!! I made this scarf a little different from the others I've made. Instead of running the yarns up the side without cutting, I cut and hid all the ends. It looks a bit better on the reverse side, but perhaps not enough to justify all that cutting and hiding.


Day 4 came to a close without even the hope of school the next day so...

The Great Snow: Day5: Cannibalism!!!

No not really, K hasn't played soccer for years. We wanted to include a cracker, cause what is a Harry Potter Christmas Swap without cracker for heavens sake. So we started Teenagers from Outerspace and worked through the Phantom Planet. Made a few tiny snow daleks in there too.


We opened the cracker very carefully and stuffed a tiny origami dragon inside, along with the pen and the paper hat. The one in the picture is about twice as big, I forgot to get a picture of the tiny one before I stuffed it in and tied it shut.


K finally went back to school on Monday, they never did plow our street, so I wrapped up our goodies in brown paper and strings and included an origami letter with a faux wax seal. I make the seals in batches now and just glue them on. Works like a charm. Charm! Get it!!! Harry Potter,... Charm! OK, moving on.


All packed and sent. She received her box last week! Hope she liked her goodies!

Did I mention, we still have snow in patches on the ground, and they are predicting 2 to 4 more inches tonight?


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