Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Twelve Jammie Dodgers and a Fez. Now you're talkin'!

We made Jammie Dodgers!

K did most of the work, I mainly supervised. Heavens my counters are a mess. Martha Stewart, I am not.

We used strawberry jam. Yum!

I would point you to the recipe we used, but it was a complete and total fail. The recipe called for about half the flour required to make it even semi rollable. But we managed and they are goooood!

Aaaahhhhhhh! No! Bad Kitty. Susan literally launched herself at the table. Silly Fur baby.

I saved them!


Pren said...

ooohhh. those came out so pretty!! and yes bad kitty indeed but im sure they smelled really good and she couldnt help herself :0)

pj said...

They are even better the second day. They are like 90% butter, so Miss Susan could not resist. Neither could we, so there are now only 9.