Monday, April 4, 2011

AAAAAAHHHH!!!!! Run!!! They've attacked again!

Snowleks!!!!! And they are bigger, badder and bluer than before!!!!!!


And green too.


Amelia found a beach bucket and 1 1\2 TBSP measure were perfect for the colorful new guys. She sprayed the body with colored water, took quite a bit of color. She sculpted the heads with a Corelle cereal bowl and used a Children's Tylenol measuring cap for the head bumps. Vicious yet adorable.


And they are everywhere!! I was visiting some of my followers pages, and Lynda Bunting is besieged!!!! The Doctors have it all well in hand. Love it!


Lydia Bunting said...

They look awesome!!

pj said...

I kinda like the big candy like ones. Evil, but cheerful, at the same time.

Lydia Bunting said...

I know what you mean. :)