Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Guess WHat We're making!!!



Katie said...


I have to tell you that I love this idea! Do you have a pattern for it? I wouldn't mind making one.

pj said...

Hello Katie,

I'm so glad you liked them. They are just too cute and cuddly. And really simple to make.

There really isn't a pattern. K just kinda cut out the pieces and sewed them together. I provided tea and cookies and helped when our temperamental old machine pitched a fit.

Basically, cut 2 tardis shapes out of blue fleece. K's tardis is about 24" tall and about 12 inches wide, but it is not even anywhere close to the correct proportions, so have fun with that part. Then cut out two white rectangles for windows, one slightly smaller rectangle for the door sign, a long, thin rectangle for the top bar thing and 2 rounded bits for the light on the top. Zig Zag or hand stitch the white bits on to one tardis. Zig zag or hand stitch the white and black to outline the shadows on the door panels. Sew the blue bits together, leaving a small hole and stuff with fluff. Sew up the hole, and... Tadaaaa... tardis pillow!

Happy crafting and post a pic when you finish! K will squeeeee all over it!