Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Spiral Christmas Tree Earrings for Grammie

Every year, K and I try to make something special for K's Grannie.   We've made her all kinds of things:  hats, cookies, scarves, pillows, ornaments,... but we think her favorite is always the jewelry we've made her over the years.  She wears it all, and enjoys calling and telling us what she wore where.

This year, we decided to make her some earrings based on a pair we saw at a craft fair here in town.  I bought the supplies, K worked on the prototype, and I helped her make the finished pair.


We used glass beads, and green jewelry wire, which we shaped into a cone by twisting it tightly around a pen.  It was just the right size, and had a rubber grip, very handy.

I'm mailing them today!

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