Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mission Accomplished!!!!

Tardis Pillows!!!!!  



The original Tardis plushie is on the right.  K made the very first for a friend and then made one for herself, I can't remember how long ago.  She's slept with it ever since.  Today, I helped her make 2 more for her New Whovian friends.  Machine stitched, not hand sewn, but we only had a few hours.

The girls are in the living room as I type, emitting high pitched noises.  I guess they're a hit.


sop-on-a-rope said...

They're awesome! Any chance you sell these on etsy?

Tina @ Sugar Bean Bakers said...

I'm dying over these!

I found you via this craft on Pinterest. I'm excited to see you are a Harry Potterphile too. I'm a MAJOR HP nerd!!

I'm sad to see so many of your HP photos are gone though :(

I know it was ALL awesome!

Thanks for sharing!


PS. The owl bites.

pj said...

They were such fun to make! The girls still use them. They even took them to Disney last year on the band trip. Sweet.

Yes, iphoto deleted all my photos from my flicker account. Very frustrating. But i'm slowly uploading them to the blog. Should have them all back up... in a million years. *sigh*

Love your blog! FUN!

Stephanie Farmer said...

I am new to all this, is there ant instructions for the pillow?

pj said...

Alas, no pattern. We just kinda cut and sew. It's really very basic shapes. Just get some white and blue fleece, some white, blue and black thread, and start cutting and sewing until it looks right, or wonky, which every you prefer. You can do it!