Monday, December 26, 2011

Spreading the love!!!

In keeping with our continuing mission to spread the love of all things Harry, we made two young friends Gryffindor scarves for Christmas.


Each scarf took about 2 hours to machine knit on my Bond Fashion Knitter.  I used Red Heart Super saver yarn in Burgundy and gold.  It isn't the softest yarn, but it works very well in the machine.  50 stitches wide, 304 rows long, with 6 inch tassels.  They feel wonderfully thick and are about 60" long, just right for little people who still have to wait a few years to board the Hogwarts Express.

K and I wrapped them in brown paper and strings and covered the packages with Owl post and Madam Malkins stickers.  "Harry" started to bounce as soon as he saw the package.  He wouldn't take his scarf off, even during church that night.  "Hermione" danced around the house and told me about how when they play Hogwarts, sometimes she's Hermione, and sometimes she's Ginny, but sometimes she's herself and that is so much fun!!!!   But they aren't allowed to cast unforgivable curses, cause then they have to go to Azkaban, and that's the basement and that's scary.  She didn't wear hers to church, because it clashed with her dress.

Happy Christmas!

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