Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reducio Sock Swap: Goodies from Addykan!

I got my Reducio Sock Swap package!!! *happy dance* Addykan went above and beyond the call. K and I squeed with glee when we saw our package came all the way from Tipperary! It was all wrapped in orange tissue paper with a little note on each package

K and I made short work of that! Miss. Kitty helped of course.

Okay, first she sent the cutest tiny little sock, which she says is her first mini sock so she hopes “its OK.” OK… it’s brilliant!

She also included some cashmere in Ravenclaw book colors. Beautiful and so soft!

She made me a lovely pea green mini facecloth and soap “made in herbology lesson.”

And she included some Herbology note lets, a balm “from last terms herbology,” and a Cadbury Melts!

K, who is a huge Redwall fan, ran off with the Badger lip balm. The chocolate is mine!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Addykan, we loved it all!


Pren said...

did i mention...your cat could be a show cat! look at those peepers! is it some kinda breed or just a shelter cat? just curious (fabulous cat might have a run for her money....but dont tell her i said that. hahaha)

pj said...

Funny that was what the lady we got Kitty from said when she was trying to get us to take her. We now know that means expensive and high maintenance.

Miss. Kitty, better known as the horking fur ball, was our "free" cat, given to us by K's Kindergarten teacher. She had been hanging around her teachers house for a few months and was a mess when we got her. I took her straight to the vet, it was like carrying a handful of razor blades, and the first thing the vet said was "She could be a show cat!" And then she checked a registry of missing cats, just to make sure someone wasn't looking for her.

Poor Miss Kitty was so sick, they didn't think we should keep her, but I was soft hearted (crazy and stupid) and decided to give her a chance. It took quite a while and a ton of medication and money, but it was all worth it. She's still a mess, and is the only cat in captivity that won't gain weight without a fight, but it's all under control. She really is the sweetest thing and has always been very patient and loving. And she loves fabric and yarn and paper, oh especially the paper, so she's perfect.

I won't tell Fabulous, you know how those long haireds can be,...

Oh dear, don't tell Fabulous!

Pren said...

omg you kill me!

"it was like carrying a handful of razor blades"

pj said...

Oh yeah. She was a wild thing when she came to live with us. The first time I had to bathe her, and I mean HAD to bathe her, I nearly bled to death.

I love my stupid cat. And I am grateful I clot quickly.