Monday, May 4, 2009

Swine FLu Day 5: K is home sick :(

Yep, K's school is open but she is home coughing and sniffing. I asked the school secretary when she could return and she said when she stops coughing and sniffing. "That should be sometime in June." We both started to laugh. You see K tends to keep what she catches. So we decided a doctor's note stating she does not have H1N1 would suffice. So I am about to try to get an appointment, on a Monday, at the epicenter (they actually called us that on NPR!) of a flu outbreak. Right now I'm pretty sure she has a cold. After three hours in a Dr. waiting room, we'll both have the curly tales and snout.
UPDATE: K does not have a curly tale! She has a sinus infection and a note stating she is free of contagious disease. K is back to school tomorrow!


Pren said...

yay for taillessness! boo for sinus booboos. stoopid germs

pj said...

Tail free and in school! YES! She's feeling much better. Now if it would just stop raining life would be great.