Friday, May 8, 2009

We finished with minutes to spare!

The Renaissance costumes for F and M are finished! Well enough anyway. M's costume is completely done, chemise, skirt over skirt, and bodice. The bodice took us three 5 hour days to cut, sew and finish. 70 eyelets and 10,000 inches of trim later, (OK, maybe only 100 inches of trim) it looks very nice if I say so myself. We just didn't have time to finish F's dress. She will have a chemise, skirt, over skirt and a bodice her mom found at Party City which her Aunt spent the day altering. Between F's Mom, her aunt and I, we pulled it together just in time.

No pictures yet. The event is tomorrow, so maybe I'll get pictures next week. I made my friend promise to bring the girls and their costumes over so K can try them on. She didn't make a fuss, but K was disappointed when she got home and the costumes were gone. I think she had planned a night of dress up. When she sees the finished costume, K is going to want one of her own. 70 more eyelets to go.

Did I mention I sliced open the tip of my pointer finger on my right hand Wednesday morning? Leather thimbles and that superglue stuff for cuts are the most wonderful inventions in the history of woman kind.

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