Thursday, May 21, 2009

We have been so busy lately! In a crafty sort of way!

We've been silent, but so, so busy lately. It's the end of the school year and K has had three performances already and one more to go. I just haven't had a moment to post, let alone breath or sleep.

The funniest thing we've made lately is a ball and chain. K had a costumed part in her schools Spring Concert, first time ever. She was a prisoner on a pirate ship, and she had two whole lines, with many words, and several minutes of acting and singing. And she had the tricky line, it went like this:

Stowaway: "No?!?"

Prisoners: "YES!"

Stowaway: "No?!?"

Prisoners: "YES!"

Stowaway: "No?!?"

Prisoners: "YES!"

Stowaway: "YES!?!?"

K: "No!"

Prisoners: "WHAT???"

K: Big Shrug

*Big laugh*

*proud mommy and daddy cheering*

Her performance went like clockwork, all the prisoners did a great job, and her teacher said she was fantastic!

K it turns out is a bit of a ham. And possibly slightly evil. She did a marvelous job of taunting the poor Stowaway, who I can never see without thinking of him as a tiny little 2ND grader dressed in jeans, white shirt, tie, scar, and robes at a costume contest. He was the best little Harry I've ever seen and played the part to perfection. K was Violet Incredible and he won first and she second prize. OK, I have to show a picture.
Too cute and she put together her own costume, from bits and pieces. Even made her own mask that magnetically clipped to the front of her glasses. Isn't she clever. Oh yes!

Anywho, naturally, as a prisoner, on a pirate ship, she needed a ball and chain. We checked Party City and the like, but alas, no ball and chains so, we made one. Fun foam strips, stapled into rings with the sharp bits covered with black Duck Tape for the chain and a small, slightly deflated playground ball covered with black fleece for the ball. Some torn strips of black cotton to tie it to her leg and there your have it, one Ball and Chain.

The chain was long enough that she could pick it up and carry it easily. The ball was not so light as to look bouncy, but not so heavy as to be cumbersome or hurt whomever she might want to hit with it. I understand a bit of that took place back stage. Overall, she loved it and it looked great.

And can't you just see the possibilities for the Half Blood Prince premiere. SQUEEEE!!!!


Pren said...

omg. she is too dang cute. love the ball and chain! very clever.

pj said...

Isn't she! I loved that costume, mainly because it was all her doing and she was so Violet. I did make her some black knee high vinyl boot covers, but she didn't need them. So cute!

Ball and chain, who doesn't need one. :D